Developing Players On and Off The Court and Achieving Dreams

B.C. Elite

Basketball Training Program


Bruno Corras coaches and trains in the Fairfax/Loudoun County area.  All trainings consist of skill development, conditioning, team play, game situations: all at game speed!  Each individual will get into basketball shape, develop their skills, and gain valuable knowledge of the game.

*These sessions are not easy and attended to push your child.  Hard work is never easy, but the outcome is worth the work.   

Please contact us at info@bcelitetraining.com or Bruno.Corras@gmail.com for more info on Team, Group, or Individual sessions.  

Information on Sessions

Group Session rates

$40 for drop-in

$200 for 5+1  

$300 for 10 *Best Value*  

Once signed up, you have the option to come to any of the sessions available.  You must use your sessions within the seasonal period.

Fall Schedule Dates
Tuesdays- 7:30-9pm 8th-HS Grade Level

Tuesdays- 6:30-7:30 Conditioning Class

Fridays- 6:15-7:30pm 4th-7th Grade level
Sunday Shooting Sessions- Available in the evenings 

Individual Sessions

*Very flexible scheduling/work with your schedule.  We focus on player's weaknesses and develop/grow every aspect of their game.  

$ Contact for costs in individual or semi-private sessions.

* Individual sessions are formatted exclusively to each player and no individual session is the same.  I develop a workout that only fits your daughter/son needs and grow in areas that need improvements.  I focus on their needs and build a program for each individual player. 

* This schedule is very flexible and gives you the option to work around other activities.  

Workouts are focused on developing skills, speed, agility, footwork, and conditioning.  Each player that has worked with me, has developed their game and improved.  Its important that you come to as many sessions as possible to take advantage of the development.  Muscle memory is built up through repetition and builds confidence in one's abilities. 

Individual Sessions per hour (Contact for more info)
***There are no refunds***Sessions are carried over for a certain period of time.