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B.C. Elite

Basketball Training Program


General Questions

  1. How much does it cost to do training?

    The cost of training sessions depends on how many you sign up for.  The more sessions you sign up for the cheaper the cost will be.  If you sign up for 8 or more sessions, its $25 per session.  8 sessions or less its $30 per session.  And drop-in sessions are $35 per session.  Individual training ar $50 an hour.

  2. How long are each session?

    Each session lasts an hour.  Its recommended to get there 10-15 minutes early for warm-ups.

  3. What are the benefits of Individual training?

    Individual training gives a player individual attention.  We focus on a player's weaknesses and continue to strengthen their strengths.  Receiving one one one training can help a player continue to develop as a player and work at their pace. 

  4. What type of things do the kids do at Group Training?

    Group training consists of teaching different skills each time around.  We always focus on different skills, but do everything at game speed.  We use drills and not only work on skill, but most of the time two at once.  It trains the player to do two things at once.  Muscle memory is built with repetition and our drills make the most out of it.  The sessions focus on all the fundamentals, skill training, game situations, conditioning, agility, footwork, and much more.  The main thing is we do things at game speed. 

  5. What makes your trainings different from other trainers?

     Coach Corras has played the game, but more importantly knows how to teach the game to kids of all ages.  He has years of experience working with different age groups and always gets the best out of each player he has coached/trained.  Coach Corras has his philosophies on how to build a player and he has built success on development and growing his players.  The most important thing about Coach, is he cares for each kid like his own.  He not only wants each player to be better player/athletes, but be even better kids off the court. 

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